Lncrna info
HGNC approved symbolCCAT1
Alternative namesCARLo-5, onco-lncRNA-40
HGNC approved namecolon cancer associated transcript 1
Entrez gene IDGeneID:100507056
(SSTAR profile)
HGNC gene family tag#
HGNC gene family descriptionAntisense RNAs
FunctionHistone modifier recruitment, Modulation of chromatin functions, Chromatin looping
PMID for reference on functionPMID:24662484
Target molecule typeDNA, Protein
Specific targetCTCF, hnRNPK
PMID for reference on targets and productsPMID:24662484
CommentRegulates MYC transcription and promotes long-range chromatin looping, interacts with CTCF and regulates its binding to chromatin
Status of entryNew

Expression statistics
Expression range: N/A
Mean expression: N/A
Median expression: N/A
Sample class Sample Expression (RLE-normalized CAGE tags per million)
Quantile over all genes