Lncrna info
HGNC approved symbolIL-7-AS
Alternative namesIL-7-AS
HGNC approved name#
Entrez gene IDGeneID:#
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HGNC gene family tag#
HGNC gene family description#
FunctionHistone modifier recruitment
PMID for reference on functionPMID:31383742
Target molecule typeDNA, Protein
Specific targetp300
Target UniProt IDEP300_HUMAN
PMID for reference on targets and productsPMID:31383742
CommentIL-7-AS regulates H3K9Ac and H3K14Ac at gene promoters and modulates the expression of several inflammatory genes by recruiting the histone acetyltransferase p300. Thereby, facilitates the recruitment of the SWI/SNF complex.
Status of entryNew

Expression statistics
Expression range: N/A
Mean expression: N/A
Median expression: N/A
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