Protein complex info
Complex group nameISWI
Complex nameNoRC
Genes in complexBAZ2A#67, SMARCA5#630
Alternative names#
Proteins involvedSMARCA5/SNF2H(ISWI-type ATPase), BAZ2A/TIP5
Uniprot IDs of involved proteins
PMID for reference on complex compositionPMID:11532953, PMID:25486562
Functionchromatin remodeling complex
PMID for reference on functionPMID:11532953
Target molecule typechromatin
Specific target#
Target UniProt ID#
PMID for reference on targets and products#
CommentA complex that mediates silencing of a fraction of rDNA by recruiting histone-modifying enzymes and DNA methyltransferases, leading to heterochromatin formation and transcriptional silencing.
Status of entry#