Gene info
HGNC approved symbolCELF1
HGNC approved nameCUGBP Elav-like family member 1 (CELF-1) (50 kDa nuclear polyadenylated RNA-binding protein) (Bruno-like protein 2) (CUG triplet repeat RNA-binding protein 1) (CUG-BP1) (CUG-BP- and ETR-3-like factor 1) (Deadenylation factor CUG-BP) (Embryo deadenylation element-binding protein homolog) (EDEN-BP homolog) (RNA-binding protein BRUNOL-2)
Entrez gene IDGeneID:10658
(SSTAR profile)
UniProt AC (human)Q92879
UniProt ID (human)CELF1_HUMAN
Pfam domainsPF00076 ()
MGI symbolCelf1
MGI IDMGI:1342295
UniProt AC (mouse)P28659
UniProt ID (mouse)CELF1_MOUSE
HGNC gene family tagRBM
HGNC gene family descriptionRNA binding motif containing
FunctionRNA modification
ModificationAlternative splicing
PMID for information on functionPMID:11158314, PMID:12649496
Protein complex#
Target moleculeRNA
Target entitymRNA
PMID for information on targetPMID:11158314, PMID:12649496
CommentRegulates MSE-dependent alternative splicing of cTNT during development in vertebrates.
Status of entryNew

Expression statistics
Expression range: N/A
Mean expression: N/A
Median expression: N/A
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